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For Visa Number Processing - To be sent to your employer in Korea when you accept a job.

  • Signed and dated Contract (two copies)
  • Original University Degree/Diploma (or a notarized copy, with an apostille* certificate attached or certified by a Korean diplomatic office)
  • One notarized criminal record check with an apostille certificate* attached (for Canadians: the notarized criminal record check should have the vulnerable sector search included, and to be certified by a Korean diplomatic office)
  • One set of official transcripts showing the studies/courses leading to your degree. This must be sealed in a university envelope, with a stamp or seal across the back of the envelope
  • A photocopy of the front page of your passport
  • One completed and signed self-assessed health statement
  • Four passport-sized photos (light background)


For Visa Issuance Processing - To be sent to the appropriate Korean diplomatic office once you receive your visa number: see the visa issuance section

Recent changes in Korean immigration policies require that E-2 visa applicants attend an interview at their nearest Korean diplomatic office. This policy only applies to applicants with no previous teaching experience in Korea. This interview is required for visa issuance.

*The link below explains what an apostille certificate is. Your notary will be able to tell you how to get one in your home jurisdiction.


Note that apostille certificates are not used in Canada. Instead of apostille, all official documents from Canada has to be notarized by a notary public and certified by the appropriate Korean consulate or embassy. Contact the Korean diplomatic office nearest you in Canada for specific instructions. Please ask your notary public to attach a Notarial Certificate along with your notarized documents before you send it to the Korean diplomatic office to be certified.

For American applicants: here is the link to a section of U.S. Department of State website with a list of Authentication Authorities in every state and territory:



The list above gives the documents that the school in Korea must receive shortly after you accept a job. Without ALL the documents in order, the school cannot apply for an employment visa on your behalf. You should have all these documents at the ready as early as possible in the hiring process. Delays in obtaining these documents once a job has been offered can result in someone else being offered the job instead.


How to send your documents:

Be sure to use a reliable courier to send your documents. Lost or delayed documents could cost you your job! DHL, UPS and Fedex all offer service to Korea. Prices are around $50-$60 for 2-4 day delivery with tracking.

Be absolutely sure that the telephone number of the school appears on the waybill. Korea is literally a land where the streets have no names, and Korean courier delivery people often have to call the recipient to get specific directions for delivery.

Please send us the tracking number (and the name of the courier company used) for your documents once you've sent them.


Sample of a Notarial Certificate:



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